Forma: The Peak EP (2022)

Forma: The Peak EP – 2022 – Meiosis

Artists: FORMA, Marley Waters
Title: The Peak EP
Release Date: March 18, 2022
Format: Digital
CAT#: MEI003


– The Peak (Feat. Marley Waters)
– Haze
– On The Past


With hypnotic modular soundscapes and avant-garde analog experimentation, Argentine trio FORMA of Juan Hansen, Pablo Bursztyn and Rocio Giorgi have brought a breath of fresh air to the world of vocal electronica. After the release of their critically acclaimed Hollow EP in July 2021 and a captivating live performance at MUTEK Festival, they are now returning to the Berlin-based label MEIOSIS with the stunning new EP „THE PEAK“. The EP’s title track was selected for the new season of the US television series „Power Book“ even before its official release, and has become a highly sought-after collaboration that has already delighted the ears of millions.

The three tracks, all perfectly and intriguingly realized, are inspiring with an immense range, characterized by exceedingly melodic slightly mournful compositions, evoking memories of musical references such as the more legendary Syntax or even Blaze from France. Although they are a relatively new voice in the electronic live scene, they are already setting lasting landmarks here.

The EP ist starting with the title track „THE PEAK,“ which sparkles with a collaboration with multi-platinum award-winning Marley Waters, whose extensive work as a songwriter, producer, singer, rapper and DJ has earned him a high reputation in the United States and beyond.  His biggest successes include the tracks On to You [Remix] (2015), Share My Last (2016), Wine Pon It (2017) and, perhaps most notably, the creation of Tinashe’s 2 On alongside DJ Mustard.

The title track, THE PEAK, is a somber masterpiece, with Waters‘ distinctive voice allowed to sprawl on the throbbing, forward-stepping beat with a prominent bassline and restrained gloomy electronic soundscapes.


The second track, ON THE PAST, osmotically diffuses back and forth very deftly between a traditional instrumentalization and house and techno synth sound lines.

HAZE, the third track that closes the EP, differs stylistically from its predecessors and comes with dreamy singer/songwriter vocals, downtempo rhythms and meditative harmonies in the very best deep house manner. The track’s arrangement is characterized by an indie-colored color filter, creating an exceedingly emotional composition, with signal lights that point to new directions in electronic music.

FORMA’s compositions are almost restrained and cautiously designed and offer a fascinating multi-layered sound carpet with goosebump potential.  The less-is-more approach gives FORMA an immensely high recognition value, which clearly makes you want more.

FORMA – The Peak EP is available now via MEIOSIS on all known online platforms.

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