Nora En Pure: Tribe of Kindness – 2022

Nora En Pure: Tribe of Kindness | Enormous Tunes -ETR631
Nora En Pure


Title: Tribe of Kindness
Artist: Nora En Pure
Format: 2-Track Single
Label: Kontor Records / Enormous Tunes
Release Date: 25. März 2022
Gnere: Electroniac
2 Tracks • 10m 26s

At qobus availabel in CD-Quality
24-Bit / 44.1 kHz – Stereo


Nora En Pure returns with her second single of 2022 and releases with “ Tribe Of Kindness“ one of her most emotional works to date, out now on Enormous Tunes.

Nora En Pure
Nora En Pure / © Acre Media

Nora En Pure’s utterly cohesive stirring single TRIBE OF KINDNESS is the result of a deep personal refection and exploration of what truly constitutes the core of our being, passing on to us the realization that at the end of the path of our wistful seeking, KINDNESS will arise sparkling on the horizon.
Nora creates a fascinating soundscape with the track TRIBE OF KINDNESS, in which a gentle bass line with pulsating rhythm pads provides a fluffy, endearing base for interweaving electronic sound layers, where a whole range of diverse nature samples can spread cloud-like.

The grippy piano passages known best for Nora are arranged in a very restrained yet spacious way. This creates a slightly melancholic soundscape, but with a gentle pulse effect consisting of graceful arrangements, plus Nora’s gift of musical tranquility, sends us on a journey of restful sonic pleasure, where at the end Nora awaits us with deep kindness.

Tribe of Kindness is one of the most soulful tracks Nora has written since the beginning of 2020 and, along with the message she sends us, also gives us a brief glimpse into Nora’s inner soul. TRIBE OF KINDNESS could almost be a key work that lets us understand Nora’s entire oeuvre and persona a bit better.

Nora En Pure’s message to us all:
Sometimes we stray through our lives, drifting, no destination. That one individual who randomly crosses our path, smiling our way in an act of kindness as if the world was a place of never-ending positivity wakes us up. Our whole intention of our fragile body gets flushed with a medicine of pure nothing, but yet everything.

Now, it all comes down to the decision of our interpretation and the expression of our reaction.
We suddenly realise what it is our souls truly desire. We long for a ‘Tribe Of Kindness’, a community of spirits who understood the power of kindness and accepted it as the only natural superpower mankind has.

Far away from any civilization and far away from a beating heart in the wilderness of our imagination and deep down in our minds with the pursue of happiness and fulfillment we might find the gates to this tribe. Widely open for anyone to just set foot behind. But not everyone might reach the gates to make it through to safe haven. Some might struggle on the way there, taking it for granted and without paying attention to the process of the inner conflict. 

You have to be pure to be able to cross the gate. You have to elaborately be listening to your environment and the communication with the power that holds it all together to understand the sensitivity and simplicity of an act that has such a strong reach and perception.

Kindness is in us, we carry it with us at all times: A mixture of empathy, affiliation, integration and respect that is ready to use, just like a harmless weapon, at any time, like a card that wasn’t dealt, but given by nature as a treat for wisdom and as a grace of charity.

The hope of deliverance and the aspiration to gain a higher conscious will never let us stop looking for perfection, with persistence and vulnerability.
The Bottom Line:

Nora En Pure introduces her second original of 2022, a magical instrumental creation titled ‚Tribe Of Kindness’ on Enormous Tunes. Entering an enchanting soundscape with intricate instrumentation and nature samples, a gentle bassline is introduced, demonstrating her unique ability to fuse classical and dance sensibilities in a seamless and euphoric fashion. Complete with captivating melodies and heartening arrangements, this uplifting cut is set to resonate with her listeners all around the world, providing a slice of sonic bliss throughout its duration.

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